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Build your own ecosystem

The best combination of content and digital devices to impact your audiences in a customized way throughout their Customer Journey to create a memorable experience.


Switch your business on.

Creating digital channels

Easily store, organize, schedule and broadcast measurable content on any digital device without difficulty.


Upload & manage all of your content with nested folders: images, videos and html5 files.


Make information easier to find. Link with your playlist for automating content delivery.


Create seasonal campaigns or plan content to be displayed all the way down from individual minutes and hours.


Measure the attraction and interaction of your channels with your target audience, and improve your campaigns results.

Launch your digital content easier on any device, anywhere.

Add as many contents as you want. Our platform will optimize your multimedia resources so that you can use them on any screen.

Create intelligent reproduction lists, assign the contents to a publication or expiration date and plan the week with little effort.

Program your “playlist” in a dynamic way so that it reproduces on a specific hour of the day, week or a particular date.

Change the way that content is delivered. Turn your media into high-performance channels.

Create your customized layouts by splitting the screen into different zones, in order to maximize its productivity

Link your screens together in a virtual way creating any type of video wall or synchronize content on multiple screens at the same time or even create it for advertisements.

Adjust the resolution of the content displayed for any type of screen (LED, videowalls, stretch screens).

Provide on-demand content to your audience improving customer experiences.

EAN / QR scanner
Display information about your products/services by reading barcodes and QR. Get information on those products that have generated the most interest.

Button interaction
Program and customize interactions with physical buttons to launch differential content at the physical point. Measure your audience’s interactions and enable faster decisions for the customer.

Display real-time content, reducing the total time spent on content management.

Dynamic content
Make your content change intelligently in real-time. Select the dynamic fields and link them to your database to optimize the information management of your channels.

Facial recognition
Launch and segment your content objectively. Customize your campaigns and messages according to age, gender and number of people.

Automate your content management by creating actions and rules between variables to broadcast different type of content.

Bring better experiencies to your customers reducing waiting times securely.

Queue Management
Manage queues to access establishments, sections or customer service points, granting, calling shifts and reporting waiting times.

Single Line Queuing
Manage queues at cashier points using a single line, granting shifts and opening or closing customer service points as needed.

Occupancy Control
Control the occupancy of your establishments through intelligent digital traffic lights that manage customer flows according to the occupation of each moment.

Drive measurable results to digital spaces.
Include your business data and integrate it.

Custom dashboards
Display business data and KPIs in a single tool in a modular way. Browse, compare and measure the progression. Customize the different modules and prioritize the information that provides most value for decision making.

BI integration
Include your business data, integrate it into a single tool and compare it with your channel metrics to improve and maximize the effectiveness of the campaigns.

Socialize your channels.
Increase engagement and connect with your phygital community.

Social networks + Ticker
Socialize your content. Share and show your content to your community from your channels. Increase and enhance the value of your brand

Weather and local time
Show the weekly weather forecast on your screen. Provide additional information of general interest to your campaigns to generate more attention.

Keep a large network of devices running smoothly and control them in real-time.

Activity notifications
Know the status of your devices. Obtain performance and broadcast metrics for your channels by device groups or taxonomies.

Advanced device management
Manage multiple devices simultaneously with advanced configuration options.

Running on your choosing device

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API Attracts attention

The Communication Platform as a Service
(CPaaS) that easily and scalable integrates
smart content with digitization projects
through AI, Big Data and IoT.

Make SaaS work other software solutions and third parties.

Pay hefty API fees

Promote Innovation allowing developers to integrate and customise for their needs

Keystone for a large part og automation channel strategies at a lower cost.

cloud Based Services

Partner APPS

System APPS

Server APPS

Enterprise APPS

Mobile APPS


We are wherever you need us to be

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+25 countries









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