Principal characteristics

Manage your digital library in the cloud. Upload your content and organize it by folders.

CMS library

Add as many contents as you want. Our platform will optimize your multimedia resources so that you can use them on any screen.

Reproduction lists

Create intelligent reproduction lists, assign the contents a publication or expiration date and plan the week with little effort.

“Intelligent” scheduling

Program your “playlist” in a dynamic way so that it reproduces on a specific hour of the day, week or a specific date.


Tag and organize your content to localize it easily and create reproduction lists

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Define the search criteria’s applying tags to your content.
Users role

Assign and edit the user roles and the team permits in different levels (0,1,2,3…)

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Unify the management of the different stores from the central account. Share your between different shops according to the different search criteria’s. Define the user roles and give access to the different levels (0,1,2,3)
Edit the resolution

Adjust the content resolution to any type of screen: LEDs, different shape screens…

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Establezca la resolución de su contenido desde la plataforma para cualquier tipo de pantalla o dispositivo LED. El Editor de Resolución para almacenar productos físicos. El escaneo de sus productos le permite ajustar los siguientes parámetros: anchura y altura en formato de píxeles, velocidad de fotogramas del contenido, modo de ajuste de la imagen en pantalla.
Content editor

Edit and personalize your templates and contents from the content editor Without any external design tool. Change the content of your of HTML5 templates.

Widgets (Social Walls)

Publish the content dynamically in your social network and external sources: news, climate, movability…

Multiply the reach of your social media manage your “own mediums”. Create channels and publish their content up to the physical point

Live videos and television through your IP network, in full screen or combined with other communications or publicity.

It perfectly integrates the reproduction lists on full screen – split- HTML screens, which allows live transmission simultaneously.
Publicity campaigns

Establish and program different publicity campaigns in different screens and in different places.

• Publish your campaigns instantly Define the campaign duration interval •Measure the exposure time of your audience in the different spaces • Different insertion criteria’s like insertion (publish every x minutes), divider (publish every x content).
Screen productivity

Organize your reproduction lists dividing the screen in different areas to maximize the productivity.

• Divide the screen in different areas. Adjust the percentage of the screen with the zone editor. Select between different formats and predesigned screens. • Measure the duration of each loop by area.

Sincro y WOW Effect!

Create virtual video calls on any screen without extra hardware costs.

Create virtual video walls on any screen

Create video walls with conventional screens That don’t require installation and additional wiring.

Configure the arrangements and structure of your screens. Connect screens and group screens to send the content.

Generate the WOW on your screens or group of screens. Compatible with all the manufacturers and formats (LED, LCD, totems…).